Here is a collection of some of my favorite graffiti video’s.  Most of them are just informative, they provide an insight into the world of graffiti that goes beyond what you see on the streets.  Check em out.

Style Wars is a full length documentary about the early days of graffiti in NYC. This ones a must see.

Getting Up is a 3 part video series sponsored by clothing brand Ecko which is just a series of interviews with graffiti writers from all across the states.  It discusses allot of the terminology and helps provide a ground level understanding of what graffiti really means to people.

KRINK is a graffiti ink known for its unusually long drips, this is just a brief look at the maker of the paint.

Exit through the gift shop looks more into the street art side of graffiti and tells the story of Shepard Fairey and Banksy with a twist.  This is just the trailer but i highly recommend the full film.

Hands is just a short discussion with a San Francisco writer  Apex who tells the story of the different hand styles from back in the 80’s.  This video in particular made me appreciate tagging a whole lot more and inspired one of my Melbourne posts.


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