Abandonment in Philly

Hey Kids

A year and two days ago I reposted a collection of photos from the StreetsDept blog which showcased an abandoned school in Philly.  Naturally the building was run down and covered in graffiti and inspired my curiosity.  Fast forward to 2014 and I’m in Philly visiting a mate and getting some photos for the ol blog when I spot a piece by what looks like a How and Nosm piece.  I go to check out the piece but I’m struggling to get a good photo, so I pull down the stairs to fire escape in order to climb up and get the shot.  After a couple of flights of stairs I realised that there’s no hope of getting the picture, there’s a tall gate and a mounting trespassing fine.  As I turn to leave I see a dude standing next to me also looking for the same picture, flanked with two mates and fully ready to climb the fence it was clear that these kids were out for an adventure.  After a brief introduction and explanation they offered to chaperone me to an abandoned building in, little did I know that I’d seen this spot before.  These dudes were well schooled in the Philly Graff scene and turned an otherwise sterile walk n’ shoot around the city into a window jumping ladder climbing, graffiti expedition.  Can’t thank them enough  – check out Kendle on Instagram. @ihateksharpe


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