NYC Part 2 – Gritty

Hey Kids
Here’s the second instalment to my New York City adventures, this post focuses on the traditional graffiti in the city, the tags, throwups, rollers and stickers.  There are a few elements that make NYC such a fitting home for graffiti, the first and foremost is the people.  With something close to 8 million people living in NYC there’s a massive incentive to get up on the grid.  With every intersection having thousands of people walk by every day it sends the likelihood of your work being seen through the roof.  The masses of people are a double edged sword though, on one hand you get massive exposure, on the other you run a huge risk.  The city really doesn’t sleep, 3-4am there are still people kicking about, so you’ve got to be on-point to get a filled throw up in secret.  Beyond the daring nature of NYC writers, and fame-gambling nature of the city, the best part (hands down) is the status it holds as the international melting pot for artists and writers.  Walking around Chinatown was like my Instagram on crack, more graffiti than I could handle in one sitting, but worth every second.  Sorry this is late, my hard drive ate shit. Enjoy!


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