NYC Part 1 – Pretty

Hey Kids

Here’s the first part of a two part NYC set I’ll be doing, Pretty and Gritty.  This post is for all the bold and beautiful murals and works, the commissioned artists who put their heart and soul into these pieces.  I’ve also included some of the more aesthetically pleasing snippets of street art in there.  I didn’t capture everything NYC had to offer (and I knew I wouldn’t) but I spent a solid 6 hours trekking through the grid, starting at Canal St and heading south, and this is what I’ve brought you.  With NYC being the melting pot that it is, we get a whole range of artists getting up on the streets.  The most standout names in this post are Pose from MSK, Buff Monster and Tristan Eaton.  All of these artists are accomplished and established in their trade and it’s certainly exciting to see these works in the flesh, however, i was at my most excited when i spotted the Hottea piece.  Hottea uses vibrantly coloured wool and wraps it through fences to make incredible 3D geometric letters. Hottea’s innovative style is really pushing what it means to get up ,and to me, that’s the most exciting part about discovering graffiti.  If you’ve got any suggestions for good spots or places of interest let me know below because I’ll be back soon enough. As always enjoy and share, heck, maybe even comment?


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