Massachusetts gold mine.

Hey Kids

I’m pretty sure i just pissed my pants. I just uncovered a small goldmine of legendary pieces within walking distance of my residency in Beverly MA. I saw this spot the other day by the tracks, my eyes were drawn to the fat roller tags and throws at the top of the building, when i went to check it out, i was not disappointed. There were a ton of local writers who i’d never heard of sitting alongside internationally renown names. Greve and Nocs from Circle T were up, with crisp bold letters and seamless fades, repping the same crew that one of my all time favorites Ichabod puts up. Aloy came out all the way from Cali to rep MSK, and Kemr popped up with the first piece on the line. While i was getting the flicks i also bumped into the guys from an up and coming clothing label Flowers and Forties who have some tight graphics and prints on the way, check em out at the link below. So, despite the fact that i smell like piss – Today was a good day.

Check out Flowers and Forties at their website
And follow them on facebook at


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