Artist colab @ La De Da

Hey Kids

This week i made the trek down to Canberra for a special event hosted by La De Da and Sancho‘s dirty laundry.  The idea was to fill the already highly decorated walls of La De Da to the brim, taking on every nook and cranny available to paint.  I got the impression that the walls were painted under the “It’s better to beg forgiveness than ask for permission” kind of vibe, which is probably the way to go for most projects, right?  This was my first time at La De Da and it seems they’ve tried their very best to get the maximum possible amount of art jammed into the space they’ve got, and I’ve gotta say, they’ve done a damn fine job.  Here are the progress shots of everyone getting their paint on with a little help Sancho and Molotow, it turned out to be one hell of an afternoon.  Final pics and a video by Rush coming soon, stay tuned.

Follow the artists on Instagram: Houl – @houlart Sprinkles – @sprinkles_ George – @george_rose Voir – @v01r KON – @kon_apparel Benjamin Reeve – @benjaminreeve Roskoe – @bigbug33 Sancho – @sanchodesigns Rush – @rushphotography Follow me on twitter & Instagram: Instagram – @rainbowlungs Twitter – @rainbowlungs


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