Cranium exhibition @ M2 Gallery

Hey Kids

I arrived pretty late to this gig which is a massive shame because it was fucking packed at the beginning of the night and the beer was-a-flowin!  Fortunately though, i could get some mean pics of the gallery without interruption.  The exhibition was a collaboration of artists and revolved around the theme of skulls and saw the likes of some of my favorite artists of our time.  Immediately recognisable to me were the works of The Dirt, Amy Sutho and Skulk, but that’s only because i’m out of the loop with the other artists.   The pics are really just to show off the artwork, there isn’t allot of merit behind my photography, but we’ve got some very pretty headshots in here.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Cranium exhibition @ M2 Gallery

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  2. These are gorgeous. I never understand when people look at skull art and are horrified. They’re beautiful, and just as powerful in life as they are as a symbol of death.

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