Graffik Paint @ The Tuggeranong festival

Hey Kids

The guys at Graffik paint have been preparing all year for this event, rounding up artists, organising paint and getting council permission for their work.  Now it’s finally paid off.   The guys at Graffik managed to deck out the whole Tuggeranong skate park with canvases and walls for both established artists and the general public to paint.  There was a whole bunch of Montana spray paint hanging around for anyone to use, attracting even the littlest of grommets to come and have a go.   A stack of artists rocked up and there was an awesome DJ set going on throughout the day.  We had the likes of Abyss, Byrd, Voir, Delm, DGKS (Sydney), Ripts and the up and coming tallent Soem all painting throughout the day.  The gig turned out to be a massive success and was an awesome opportunity to bring the Canberra graffiti and street art scenes together for the public to see.  Check out the pics and share away!


One thought on “Graffik Paint @ The Tuggeranong festival

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