Chin up Kids – R.I.P 5pointz

Hey Kids

5Pointz was an old run down complex building in Queens New York considered by many to be the graffiti Mecca of the world.  The walls were filled tags and pieces, head to toe, with some of the world’s most prolific graphic artists and writers painting there over the years.   The thriving series of colour filled walls is soon to be reduced to rubble and dust in order to make way for new apartment buildings.  There was an appeal to protect 5pointz as an artistic museum of sorts, but unfortunately it didn’t pass.

Artists and writers alike will be crushed to see ‘the institute of higher burning’ fall, but I think we’re forgetting something here.  Graffit art was never meant to be permanent; writers know their work won’t last forever.  Walls are buffed and pieces are removed every day, it just hurts today because 5pointz was a place for writers to call home.  A bitter combination of bureaucracy and greed have come together to bring down 5pointz, citing it as a structurally unsound building and an opportunity to make money from apartment blocks.

It’ll be a sad day when 5pointz comes down but hey, chin up kids! You can’t just squash graffiti, it’s a culture that will never truly die.  You wouldn’t give up your faith if a church burned down, would you?  As the saying goes, ‘they keep painting, we keep painting’

R.I.P 5pointz.

Header from The Roosevelts all other photo’s from


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