Banksy and his trickery in NYC

Hey Kids

As many of you probably know Banksy’s in NYC making all kinds of mischief.  Usually Banksy keeps things pretty discreet and lets the media do the promotional work for his art, but this time he’s gone all out with social media.  He’s got a youtube and an Instagram account alongside a new website specifically for NYC.  You can find the full collection of works on his site and hear what NY writers have to say on Banksy’s work here, but for this post i really just wanted to share one video with you.  Check it out.


I think this is really funny because the people buying these canvases have probably just made the most profitable investment of their entire lives.  Banksy works have been sold for multiple millions of dollars, and because the best ones are often on the street and free to the public, actually getting your hands on one is pretty hard.  It’s also super common to see people rip off Banksy works, because they’re mostly stencils, they’re really easy to replicate, and are frequently sold in markets or on street corners.  These lucky buyers probably haven’t realised exactly whats going on just yet, but when they do, i hope they genuinely appreciate what they have.

Banksy didn’t really need any more hype, but i thought this one was worth looking at.


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