COPE2’s internet beef on

Hey Kids

So i was scrolling through and stumbled across this video about notorious NYC writer COPE2.  The video was kinda dull, just COPE talking shit as usual, but below in the comments he seemed to kick up some beef with the community.  It’s not unusual for writers to talk shit online but what’s interesting here is that COPE actually responds to this dude.  check it out.

Cope2 cap1Cope2 cap2

Honestly COPE doesn’t say anything unexpected here, he denies himself as a snitch, talks shit about other writers and brags about how they’ll never be as good as he is.  I can’t really say i care that much about COPE and his beef but i think its awesome that he reads this shit and gets involved.  So kudos to COPE2, the guy who had one really really tight throwup.

Credit to for cover photo and for the content.



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