Terhor @ M2 Gallery

Hey Kids

I went to catch up with Terhor as he was preparing for his first ever solo exhibition at the M2 gallery in Surrey Hills which opens officially Thursday the 15th at 6pm and runs until Monday 19th.  So I had a chat to Terhor and he mentioned that there was a pretty strong influence from the metal bands of his high school days (with a lot of Slayer) making for a dark kind of show with allot going on.  I’ll be straight up about it, this gig won’t be for the faint at heart, Terhor’s got gore, mayhem and blasphemy written all over the walls, but I have to say it looks supreme. All the works are available for sale and there will be Zines and stickers available which I highly recommend.  So go check out M2 tomorrow night because this show is a real mix up from Terhor’s older work, don’t stress, he’s still painting skulls and bones, but the added metal theme takes it somewhere else.



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