Hey Kids, welcome to the new format.

Rasko is a Russian writer (as far as i can tell) his video’s often show him in the snow with street signs in Cyrillic letters, so even if he’s not from Russia, he probably does allot of painting there.  What draws me in with Rasko’s work is the same thing that i really love about the KGB, bold letters and massive contrasts.  There seems to be a new breed of letters coming up through the ranks that don’t have these thick bold borders, they involve allot of fades and incomplete letters which don’t really catch the eye in the same way.

Take a look at Does, one of my all time favorite writers from the Netherlands.  His most recent work on the Ironlak blog is amazing, it involves intricate use of a spray can and is conceptually mind blowing…but its not bold.  It doesn’t jump out at me like Rasko does.  So, as we begin to look at graffiti more as an art form and less of a game, it’s awesome to see monstrous letters still being used on the streets.

Now, I love a nice chrome stomper just as much as the next writer, and i think Rasko surely takes the cake with this one.

Photo’s are all from the facebook page.  Links below -Enjoy!



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