KGB & TMD – Parramatta Road

Hey Kids
This is just a short post because i was pretty stoked to finally get photo’s of this piece, but really there isn’t a whole lot to say about it.  So the KGB are a local crew who are, as far as i can see, one of the most notorious crews in the city, and the TMD are a New Zealand crew who rock a pretty sweet wildstyle.  Now, its been said before but i’ll say it again, what makes the KGB so damn cool are those big chunky letters, they’re fat, they’re bold and i honestly cant get enough of them.  As if the KGB didn’t get enough coverage as it is, they truly deserved this post.
The KGB don’t appear to have a page online but they were featured in Artillery Magazine‘s Chapter 6.  The TMD do have a site, check em out.

Thanks for reading.


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