Melbourne pt2 – Doors and Dumpsters

Hey Kids
In Melbourne I found a shitload of incredible art, graffiti pieces reaching two stories high, paintings stretching entire car parks and some of my all-time favourite works hidden in alleyways across the city.  However I found myself blown away by two very unexpected things, doors and dumpsters.  Amongst the grimiest alleys and scummiest doors I found the forgotten part of the street art movement, tags.


I’ll be honest, I love tags.  They really are the bastard child in the street art world, but when they all come together in an unorganised collaboration of anonymous writers it somehow just works.  Even when I began writing this blog I had a distain for tagging, I believed firmly that it was a waste of time and effort and that tags were merely an eye sore to the community.  My view on tags took a very sudden change when I saw this video by an old LA writer called Apex.  He explains the different styles, what they represent and where they developed and I began to understand that these are more than just scribbles.
To have uniformity and letter structure like some of these tags below is not an easy task to accomplish, there are styles and techniques to learn that make your work stand out, which is, after all, the whole point to graffiti.  So please, go ahead and stroke the ego of an anonymous figure by taking a few seconds to admire a tag that someone probably spent a long time working on and will never be truly recognised for. 
Thanks for reading everyone! If you want to leave your thoughts about tags below please feel free.

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