Melbourne pt1.

Hey Kids
So I’ve been away for a while, I took a break and seriously questioned whether it was worth continuing this blog.  I was considering just leaving it to rest until I went to Melbourne for Big Day Out and now I can safely say I’ve been reinspired. Over the next few weeks I’ll take the cream of the crop from my 1200 Melbourne pics and deliver it to you over the course of a couple of posts.This first post is for the bright lights, the big names and those seriously skilled with a can of paint.  A lot of these works are commissioned pieces; the artists have either been paid to do the piece or just given permission to work their magic.  Although commissioned work doesn’t hold the same underground element as what we traditionally call graffiti in a legal sense, it is still inspiring to see what an artist can do when they’re given free reign over a wall and a couple of boxes of paint.  This post goes out to those who have worked their way to the top, thank you for keeping Melbourne colourful.
Awol crew

Dabs & Myla
Dabs & Myla

As always thanks for reading, sorry i was away, but i’m back now.  Leave any suggestions or comments below i like your words.



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