OX – Gold teeth.

Hey Kids.
Gold teeth, drooping tongues, Vikings lads with lightening breath; these are the things that define OX to me.  I met OX way back at Ambush gallery earlier in the year, I’m pretty sure we just ate kebabs in Newtown and then parted ways, it wasn’t until the Tortuga wall  that I got to see him in action.  I get the feeling that OX is the kind of guy who visualises something, does a quick sketch, and then uses whatever means necessary for it to become a full blown work of art.  I’ve seen him work with pencils, stencils, spray paint, markers, brushes, you name it.  To say the least, a man of many skills.  So here’s a little insight into one of Sydney’s fastest moving artists.  Enjoy!

J: First up the age old question, where’d it all begin? How’d you get into art and then how’d it end up on the streets?

OX: I’ve been drawing all my life since I can remember, from there it forked off into a whole bunch of different arty crap. I studied film and animation at uni then broke off into illustration sculpture and painting after I graduated. I loved making art but I really grew to hate a lot of the places and people that were available to me to show work. I started to do live work to put my shit in front of people who were just going out to have a beer, met a bunch of painters who showed me around using tins. After painting for a few hours in the old Dunlop factory the satisfaction of using spray paint alone had me, after that it just made sense to go put up stuff for people who don’t go to galleries to see.

J: What was the first piece of art you were truly proud of street or otherwise?

OX: Not sure, I remember I drew sonic the hedgehog pretty good when I was about 5 after my dad showed me how to use shapes to build an image. Generally I’m pretty happy with most work I do until I look back at it a couple of weeks later and hate it, Just makes me want to get better at what I do I guess. I don’t think I will ever be 100 precent happy with anything I make, hopefully!

J: Have you got a preferred medium to work with on the streets?

OX: Spray paint all the way! The first street stuff I ever did was a bunch of paste ups, I was worried about getting busted, Its probably the best way to go if you don’t want to get in serious shit for making art but I just came to hate the way people pick at paste ups, they just look so shitty after a week or so if you don’t get up real high. I think there must be a pack of sexually frustrated lads out there who just go around picking at paste ups. But yeah I love the permanency of paint, heaps quick and just generally a lot more fun.
What’s your favourite brand of paint?
I used to get a bunch of Ironlak when I started up coz I was broke. I’m still broke but I’m freaking in love with Montana 94’s and Aliens.  Low-pressure cans are so much better to work with since I started working on shading and subtle details, especially now I’m using a lot more spray in the studio on smaller work. I will still grab some lak if I need to fill a big area though. Oh and I also have a total hard on for Belton Fluros at the moment.

J: Of all Sydney graff and street art who’s got the best shit now and who do you reckons the best up and coming?

OX: Peque is my favourite dude in Sydney at the moment, been gaping in awe at a lot of his work popping up around lately. Part from him a huge influence on my work is Twoone, I know he is a Melbourne dude but I don’t give a shit, his work just levelled up amazingly in the last year or two! Best up and coming dudes in my very bias opinion are two good buddies of mine Resan and Bafcat, These dudes taught me a lot of what I know about spray paint and since then there work has been getting crazy good. Resan is killing the realism and Bafcat is probably the best Satanist I know.

If I said to you, “Dude, you can paint any surface in the entire world all expenses paid no hassles” where would you hit and why? (I’m talking anything, opera house, pyramids, berlin wall, Hitler’s house whatever!)
Billboards, any ads really, I probably should be doing this already but I’m still pretty street level. I just want to paint over anything shitty that works against our environment and ain’t nothing shittier than advertising. I really resent the whole stupid debate over street arts validity in society while everyone will sit happily and have horrible ads shoved in every orifice every day of their lives just because they are backed by money. If every billboard in Sydney was given to an artist for a month I think everyone would realise what is the real offensive shit on our streets is. So my answer is every billboard everywhere!
Ever had a run in with the law while getting up?
Nah lad, I’m a sneaky little bitch ay

J: What’s going on with the strangers?

OX: Strangers is a bunch of dudes that I have painted with for a year or so, We have been kicking around the traps together for a while now, learning stuff off one another and learning how to work together well in a group. So we have been getting a bit more organised as a crew of late, we just finished a group mural at the renovated Newtown Hotel and are looking to start getting some bigger walls in Sydney soon so keep your eyes peeled and watch out for Strangers!

J: Finally, who inspired you?

OX: So many people dude, Sonic the Hedgehog to MC Escher. There are so many people in my life and in the work that I feed off that inspire my work. I feel like I need to give something back for all the stuff I have seen and heard. But the core of my inspiration really lies in the three B’s, Bacon, Burbon n’ Boobs.

Thanks for reading everyone! Here are the links to the OX Facebook page and Website.
Also, anyone you want to hear from and any questions you want to ask let me know, i’m always looking for new artists and people to hear from.

One thought on “OX – Gold teeth.

  1. Steven Nuttall is a sad joke pushed upon the Sydney street art scene. To call yourself a street artist and only have two or three characters hidden deep in the back alleys of Newtown is a joke. Painting in hotels with your disgustingly pear-shaped body isn't street art.

    There's probably a connection between your bullshit paste ups being ripped down so quickly and the quality of your work.

    There's enough blow ins attempting to use spray paint that have never held a can before in their life, and you're just another one. Your inability to do clean lines is a joke, and you clearly have no understanding of how to finish an artwork. Those bullshit floating hands in your last image above, mixed with what appears to be a fucking brush outline, just shows what a joke you are.

    I'd love to break every bone in your painting hand – the world would be a better place for it.

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