The Strangers at the Newtown Hotel.

Hey kids
On Sunday I headed out to The Newtown Hotel  to check out some of the inner wests most distinguished street artists paint a series of walls for the soon to open bar.  I spent most of the day there on Sunday and went back this afternoon to get pictures of the final product and was really impressed by what I saw.  The Newtown hotel should be proud of the work they received and I have no doubt that the artist collective known as “Strangers” will be back for more.  The Bar opens officially on Wednesday and there’s a ton of stuff to see so check it out.  Here are the pics from both days featuring, The OX king, Dirt, Resan, Skulk, Birdhat, Bafcat, Terrible Horrible, Smc[3] and Nico.  Enjoy!
Sorry that i couldn’t get full shots of the entire collaborative wall but due to space restrictions and my camera lens it just wasn’t happening.  All the more reason to check it out in person, right?
As always thanks for reading, check out the work in person at 174 King street, Newtown.

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