Hey Kids
I met Maaden a while back when the dudes were painting the Tortuga Studio’s wall (link here).  We had a chat and he was passing around one of his books and I was, to say the least, blown the fuck away.  This dude has some of the maddest skills with a pencil I’ve ever seen and some truly awesome designs to complement them.  So I figured that, because I usually write about street art and street artists, I’d like to mix it up a little and see what a man of gritty design and fine art is up to.
J: Maaden, in all honesty I’ve only ever seen that sweet little black book of yours and it’s pretty impressive but what other kind of mediums have you been working with? 
Maaden: thanks man! i like to try everything at least once. Besides my trusty blue pencil i use markers, spray paint, and the digital stuff (photoshop & illustrator). I want to get into painting traditionally, but i’m just so lazy!


J: You’ve got some stickers going around that are pretty sweet, the pixelated foods and stuff, where’d you get the idea for those designs and when’d you start getting them up? 


Maaden: Video games were a big part in my childhood, my older brothers and I were obsessed with Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo – all we did was play games like Toe Jam and Earl, Streets of Rage and Mario. Even these days if im out walking the streets my mind wonders and i imagine mario running and jumping on power lines and what not.


Anyway I was watching a youtube video of Michio Kaku on teleportation (which is now possible by the way!) he was saying that teleporting a human would have complications. So i thought of other uses? i came up with food, and imagined how people would start digitally downloading food like it was mp3s from itunes. Naturally I thought making pixelated objects would suit the idea.


I started slapping them around the streets around last year… i guess you could say its food for my imaginary Mario jumping around.


J: When did you really start to take art seriously, when did it move from a hobby to something you wanted to peruse?


Maaden: Circa winter 2009, an old friend would to steal moleskines from Dymocks book stores. He flowed me one and i just didnt stop drawing. I think right now now i’m in the transition from hobby to something i want to take seriously. 


J: You’ve got allot of really graphic and lifelike ladies in that book, what draws you to that kind of stuff?


Maaden: I guess you could say im half pervert half human. Also I look up to artists like Paul Richards which in my eyes is the master of perverted drawings. If you can look past the smut, you’ll see how well drawn the figures are. If he can do it, why cant i? Description: smile


To me its just drawing – im keen to draw guys with their dicks out just as much as i am to draw some chicks with their tits out.


J: As an artist what’s next on your agenda?



Maaden: I’m working on a clothing / print poster label, which is SO MUCH HARD WORK. So keep a look out!
J: If you could have any artist, living or dead, paint a wall in your room who’d it be and why?



Maaden: Salvador Dali, cause he’s fucked.

 Thanks for reading dudes and dudettes and thanks to Maaden for providing the art and taking the time out for an interview.



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