Boots interview.

Hey Kids.

Our guest today is a young lady who delves into all areas of art by decorating the streets of Sydney with humble figures and open minded little creatures.  Boots is an artist with her head in the right place and today we get to have a quick look inside it.  Enjoy!

J: What was the first piece of art you took to the streets? When did you do it and why?
Boots: My first piece was a really shitty stencil I did when living in the UK, years before I was doing street art properly. I had made it for an artwork my friend wanted but I got really drunk one night and went out and put it up everywhere and anywhere. There was no tact involved…I put one on the side of a county police station, and left a trail of stencils leading from there straight to my front door.

J: Were you proud of it at the time?
Boots: Haha, I was. Even though it was super crappy. I was standing at the bus stop the next day and there was one right behind it. I overheard these two girls talking bout it and discussing what it meant, one of them thought it was a cult symbol. I had the biggest grin on my face. I love that feeling.

J: You put your work on the streets for free, so what keeps you drawing, painting and pasting?
Boots: Heaps; making the environment a more exciting and stimulating place to live in, keeping creativity public not locked away only to be seen by those who would seek it out anyway, reminding people that they are a part of their environment, that it is a place to interact with not just a place to move around in, you could write this list forever really.
J: Ever been busted?
Boots: Nope! Touch wood…

J: What do you want to see more of in street art?

Boots: Just more of all of it. Cover the grey walls of the cities head to toe please!

J: Is there anyone in particular that inspired you?
Boots: Smc3. We have totally different styles obviously so it’s not that he inspires my art but his attitude towards street art and the respect he has for it, that inspires me.

J: Where does the name ‘boots’ come from?
Boots: It’s a nickname from a childhood mate. I called her buttons and she called me boots. Seemed to fit our personalities.

J: Have you got anything coming up we should know about?

Boots: I’m curating an all female street art show for early next year. A lot is yet to be finalized so I can’t share too much but get excited cause it’s going to be epic!

J: Who’s got the hottest/dopest/sweetest art in Sydney right now?
Boots: OX. That dude is ridiculously good.

J: Your work features allot of open heads with shapes that seem to be floating out. Any metaphors here or am I looking too deep into this?

Boots: I’m sure it does mean something, but let’s not ruin it.

As always thanks for reading and thanks to Boots for taking the time to answer my questions.
Check out the Boots facebook page @


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