Massive vs. Madonna.

This might look familiar to you if you live in Sydney, its owner is Sydney based artist RJ Williams.  RJ is currently taking legal action against singer songwriter Madonna for copyright infringement on her new perfume.  At first this may sound ridiculous, a local artist taking on the monstrosity that is Madonna, but the grounds of the appeal are completely legit.  The Massive symbol has copyright protection from the Australian government and the perfume logo is pretty much identical.  Take a peek.

As i write this RJ is in LA trying to get the attention of Madonna’s lawyer, Guy Oseary. The most admirable part of this whole escapade is not that RJ flew all the way to LA, not that he’s trying to challenge Madonna but simply because he is defending what is his.  The tweet below is to Guy.  It makes me genuinely happy to see that the world does not revolve entirely around money, sometimes you just have to protect whats yours.
To be honest, i think perfume is the most overpriced heap of consumerist bullshit on this planet so best of luck RJ, i’m feeling very little sympathy for Oseary right now.  Follow RJ on twitter @MassiveThe and say hi to Guy while you’re there @guyoseary.


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