Paste Modernism 3.

Of the entire outpost festival i have to say that Paste Modernism 3 was my favorite part.  The idea was that any artist could submit their work and no matter who they were or what their art was and it would be pasted on the wall regardless.  The result was phenomenal, little one off prints pasted alongside some of the nations most prolific street artists made the exhibition feel natural.  This is the thing that entices me into street art, on the streets it’s a level playing field, no artist has ground over another and when a collaboration like this comes together it feels genuine.  

Ben Frost

Houl, Neil Edwards


Konsumterra and Houl.

Abyss, Deb. The Ox King, Neil Edwards,

Numskull, Massive



Blomtrog, Konsumterra.


SMC[3], Boots.
Massive and Sancho in the bottom left

There are a ton of recognisable artists here, and allot who i missed (sorry Waa), but i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to name them all.  As always thanks for reading, if you do know anyone here just mention them in the comments below.



4 thoughts on “Paste Modernism 3.

  1. Thanks for the input man, Ox had a whole bunch of those hand drawn banner + character style pastes. I'm pretty sure that face at the bottom is done by Neil. (Might be wrong, feel free to correct me)

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