Post Outpost.

So it’s been about 6 months since the Outpost festival and I look back on these photos and I’m still really stoked to see this massive collaboration come together.  The thing I loved most out of the whole experience is the same thing that I love about street art – finding hidden works.  It seemed like every single electrical box was just littered with stickers and the art was scattered across the island in unexpected places.  It felt rewarding to stumble upon something painted on the back of a door or a mural on a shed the same way it’s satisfying to find a paste up by an artist you recognise.
The sticker boards and electrical boxes bellow were pretty much my favourite element of the festival.  It was a way of letting you know which artists turned up to the event and as you can see, pretty much anyone who’s ever slapped up a sticker was there.  The artists in the captions are only the ones I recognise, if you see any your know point them out in the comments below.
SMC[3], Blomtrog, Skulk, Houl, Konsumterra, Ha Ha, Abyss, Reka, Max Berry. 
Massive, Konsumterra, Blomtrog, Mini Graff, Abyss, Anthony Lister, Psychonaught, Vexta. 
Reka, Abyss, Vexta.

Massive, Blomtrog, Psycho naught, Beastman, Anthony Lister, Konsumterra, 

Beastman, Phibs, Blomtrog, Max Berry

This was pretty sweet, it’s a replica of Kid Zoom’s old house.  It had a video playing inside, of him smashing up a bunch of Commodores out the front.  The skulls looked amazing as well, really fine art with spray paint.

Kid Zoom
Mini Graff


Anthony Lister

OBEY – Shepard Fairey

A collection of Banksy art brought over by a New Zealand collector, just a few classics that I love.  You can find his work anywhere, you don’t need to see it on my blog.



Probably my favourite piece of the festival, this colossal painting by Vexta really stood out because of its epic scale.


 Just a little something to spark your memory, as always thanks for reading.  Up next will be a Paste-modernism post!



2 thoughts on “Post Outpost.

  1. Really incredible pieces at the end there… I like the sticker collages too, it's always rad when people work together and some jerk doesn't come up and slide a giant Neff sticker on top of everything.

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