India two.

Hey kids.
This is the second part of my collection from India, mostly the freehand stuff.  Now it is fair to say that i didn’t really capture everything that’s out there for two reasons.  The first being that India is fucking huge and there’s absolutely no way for me to explore a city head to toe and find all its little wonders.  The second reason is that the local signage is almost all hand painted, perfect lettering structure painted with the finest detail and all free hand and there was no way i could capture all of that either.  So what we have here is a small collection of the most standout works from the more populated and tourist accessible regions. Enjoy!

Delhi: Main Bazaar

Delhi: Main Bazaar

Delhi: Main Bazaar

Darjeeling: Stencil in the mountains

Mumbai: The wall project.
Thanks again for reading guys.  There may be a part 3 coming with the art from the Ganges because there was too much art to squeeze into one post.
Thanks for reading.


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