India one.

Hey yo.

I’m back.  Took a while, but now i’m home it’s time to get this going again.
So i was in India for 6 weeks and i wasn’t expecting to see much street art, but between the poverty and chaos are some of the most creative people on earth.  So this is part one.

This picture was taken by the lake in Udaipur in Northern India in the state of Rajistan.  It’s a pretty detailed 2 colour stencil in a prime position to get maximum views.  Tourists and locals alike gather at this spot to see the amazing sunset over the city which makes this a really sweet place for street artists to get there work seen.

The second picture was taken in Pushkar, a holy city also in Rajistan, and i expect its the same artist judging by the stencil style and its proximity with the one above.  This one really made me smile, the thought of a sax player charming a snake showcased an unexpected clash of cultures and reminded me of something Banksy might do….

Thanks for reading guys, sorry about the break, a couple more pics to come primarily of freehand art and hopefully some more local stuff too.

Thanks again.


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