Abercrombie Lane.

Hey yo
Earlier at the start of the year i heard about this exhibition where two graffiti artists we’re meant to be painting one wall but instead got mixed up and whoops “accidentally” painted two walls instead…what a shame :).  The one commissioned by the gallery is the chrome piece bellow, the other one was done illegitimately.  So the council said they we’re going to buff the wall because it wasn’t art and it looked like a bunch of tags.  Well our hardworking tax dollars have been put to very good use here, the council decided only to buff the bottom 2 meters of the wall because that’s obviously where the ugliest of the tags were…
Long story short, if this is part of the 100 million dollars that the NSW government claims to be spending on graffiti removal then it’s money being wasted.  I suggest instead that it’s a lazy council full of cranky old codgers who cant handle a little graff.

Props to Amaze for these pieces, it’s hard to grasp just how epic they are until you’re standing under them.
P.S. I’m going to India, so you probably won’t see a post from me in about 6 weeks.



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