Words from SMC[3]

Hey kids!

Today we’ve got a special guest with us and he goes by the name SMC[3].  Among the most prominent of Sydney’s street artists his work can be seen in every nook and cranny of this charismatic city. With paste-ups and freehand painting in a unique style these detailed characters are easily recognisable from the monster pastes to the hidden beauties.

This is it.

Me:How long have you been doing street art?

SMC[3]: I did my first A3 paste-ups, and a few stickers, in early 2006.

Me:What does SMC3 stand for?
SMC[3]: It comes from my name, but, its just one entity- SMC[3]

Me: What’s your favourite medium to work with? Why?
SMC[3]: I like to use all mediums and mix them up. Bold, wide, simple maker lines/ dry brush strokes and splats/ or, fine tip pen ink illustrations. Aerosol spray paint is always the most fun. There is always a new technique to learn.

Me: The “Eat shit and die” Campaign looks pretty anti fast food, what’s the message behind that?

SMC[3]: It’s actually a play on words. The irony of a junk food thug just about to stomp you into the ground, while saying ‘eat shit and die’, and..if you do eat alot of shit food..you will die a fat gasping death. It’s more just fun, and a theme to create new characters, with a small amount of truth.

Me: How did you meet other artists like Bunkwaa and Houl?
SMC[3]: On the street! Our art and characters meet on the street first, then the artists eventually meet in person, at an exhibition or street art event, or the pub. Then start painting, collabing and smashing the streets together.

Me:Who inspired you?
SMC[3]: Early days- flying fortress/ dface/ reka/ yok/ london police/ super kitch/ rick griffin/ zozo. Now- flying fortress/ dmote/ numskull/ roach/ ed roth. only to name a very few…

Me:Ever been busted?
SMC[3]:Yep. once. drunk.

Me:What’s your latest project? 

SMC[3]: Screenprinting- stickers/ tshirts/ art prints/ zines/ ect. —>muckrat.com

Me:Where do you think street art is going from here?
SMC[3]: Attention to detail. street artists like ‘slug’ spending more time on illegal and legal works.

Massive thanks to SMC[3] for taking the time out to answer my questions and also for all the pictures which are from his website http://smc3.net Thanks to everyone for checking this out it means allot to me, i write this because i love street art, no other reason.



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