Phibs + Beastman.

This is just a quick collection of some work by Phibs and Beastman.  The majority of this work is from the Outpost where they could really let themselves go.  The photo’s here really don’t do justice to the artwork, the scale and detail of these pieces is insane, i really encourage everyone to get out to see the outpost festival, it’s up there with some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Phibs (sticker)
Beastman (They keep painting, we keep painting)


As far as i could tell all these pieces (except the sticker) we’re done with spray paint which makes the detail of the work even more astounding.  The “They keep painting, we keep painting” slogan on the second from last Beastman photo is something that really caught my eye when i first started looking for graffiti.  I hear statements from government officials saying how it costs them so much money to repaint walls and clean up graffiti, the fact is though, if they play stubborn, we play stubborn.

Plenty more to come from the outpost and the streets.
Keep Australia colourful. 

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