Probably the cheapest tool in all of street art, wheat-paste.  Bunch of flour, bunch of water, pinch of sugar – BAM got yourself some of the worlds best paper glue.
So my fellow street artists use this nasty looking liquid to decorate their surroundings and the results come up a little like this…


These ones above are from Canberra where i am right now.  The whole street art scene is not that big round here but i think its growing, they don’t crack down on graffiti so hard in the ACT like they do in NSW.


The rest of these are from Sydney, some in obscure back alleys others in plain sight but all appreciable works of art.  I am a firm believer that art is not restricted to a gallery, nor is it restricted to those who can afford lavish supplies. Those who decorate the streets purely because they love what they do and are willing to risk their time and money are just as dedicated as their well funded counterparts.  And that is why i write this blog,  For the anonymous artists of the street.



One thought on “Wheat-Paste

  1. Well they are not that bad for cheap materials.. Thank you for taking the time and capturing these works of art around your neighborhood and then sharing these with us here. Cheers.

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