Stencil O’clock.

Just a little collection of stencils from Central Sydney.  The first three are at a wall where the owner allows stencils on one particular part and it’s attracted some pretty cool stuff.  The two after that are just off Broadway and the last ones…well… 

This is probably my favorite stencil, it speaks allot about what i’m studying in my media class about neo-liberalism and globalisation.  It’s a pretty moving representation of government involvement in corporate interest and shows the blurring of lines between public and private sectors.  I’m probably seriously over thinking this now but i really love this piece. 
In case you cant read it this one says “Hey Kids, keep buying shit, or we’re all FUCKED”

These last stencils are from an underpass in Canberra, if you’ve got any thoughts about these last ones fire away.



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