Ears @ Ubar.

I featured some of this guys stuff in my previous post, freehand art, and now here are some photos by the same artist who painted these figures at the Macquarie University Ubar, he goes by the name Ears.  He’s got a pretty drab style, using long faces and droopy eyes with not allot of colour giving it a pretty distinct street art look that’s often used in paste-ups.

All of the above are from the Ubar, commissioned by Macquarie Uni.


This last one comes from an alleyway out the back of the Claire Hotel on Broadway.  The others are from around the Sydney central area.

All of these were done with spray-paint, which i find pretty impressive, cause they have such even shading and detail.  By the smell of it (yes i smelt the paint) it’s Ironlak which is nice to see because they’re an Australian owned company and they make some really good paint for the price.

If you’re interested in more of his works his website is http://www.earstotheground.net.

Thanks yo.


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