Freehand Art.

Sorry i was away blah blah blah deal with it.
This here is some of my favorite work from around Central Sydney and Redfern.  This first piece i don’t like that much but i appreciate the artistic it’s merit and i always love to see a new style.  This is Gloom from Redfern.  
This next piece is really familiar to me because the artist who painted it also did a bunch of paid work for my university, i’ll get some photo’s of that up soon but for now here’s a little piece i found in an old carpark.  Really cool stuff, it’s got the drab kinda feel of a paste-up but it’s done with paint.

The final artist here is Sugar Shark (i think), he/she don’t often tag their work but it has such a unique style that it is easily recognizable.  These high detail characters tend to be found mainly in easy to reach, hard to see places.  There’s a fair bit more of this work to come I’ve just gotta get photo’s.

 Thanks for keeping up with me guys.  I’m gonna get the ball rolling again now that I’ve got internet.
Any suggestions for things you’d like to see just leave a comment below.



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