I don’t usually smoke but.

Ok, i don’t usually post video’s but this is an exception…
On the right is my main man Does, (read earlier posts for details) and on the left is Askew, another Ironlak sponsored graffiti artists.  So Ironlak have been making short films to promote their paint for ages now but this one caught my eye today and i thought i’d share it with you, it gives an insight into just how much effort goes into these pieces and that graffiti can be more than just letters on a wall, check it out.

Tell us what you think, which do you prefer the left or right piece?
I’ve got some more pics coming soon so i’ll keep everyone posted.



29 thoughts on “I don’t usually smoke but.

  1. I'm totaly amazed by what they can create using pressured tin cans with paint… And I have trouble drawing stick-men. I can't decide which side I like best, but I'm leaning towards the right.

  2. Very neat video. Music is fitting too! Personally I like the right one more but both are incredibly artistic and detailed. Awesome work.Thanks for the post. Keep up the good work and check out my blog — I will reward your kindne$$ =)

  3. Hey there, You commented on my old blogspot asking about some prints. Flick me an email at drab.art@gmail.com if you are still interested. I still have a couple from that run left over and could do a pretty good deal on them if you were interested. Great blog by the way. Keep up the good work.

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