The Woden Drains.

The Woden drains are the storm-water drains that run past the Woden shopping center and Canberra College.  There’s nothing special about the drains really, they’re big and they hold water, what makes them unique to other storm-water reciprocals is that all of the walls along the drains are legal for graffiti purposes.  So naturally with an entire Kilometer of wall space there’s bound to be some good art.  And sure enough this is what we find…. 

Oh yea, cats live in the drains…Cats like graffiti right?

This is one of Canberra’s biggest Graffiti artists TKP, he’s been around as long as i can remember but it’s only recently that I’ve started to appreciate his skill.

I was pretty impressed with the drains this time round, they get painted over pretty frequently and these days i think the standard is going up, so many new styles and so much creativity its a really good opportunity to showcase this art form so often considered taboo.

So here’s something to think about…
Are these legal walls a good thing because they promote artistic graffiti or a bad thing because they promote vandalism in general?



36 thoughts on “The Woden Drains.

  1. Yay for kitties 😀 These things are legal? I think I've heard of something like that before. I think they're a good thing, there is some really amazing graffiti out there, and I don't think it encourages vandalism, if anything it lessens it by giving people a legal way to get their tags out.

  2. having any outlet for creativity will always be a good thing. being "legal" is always a plus. better art than violence. there are legal walls at venice beach, ca. no where near as much space as these canals though. im jelly for sure!

  3. @MrcoolPants i know that Does started in 2000 but TKP is an older dude who's probably been painting since the late 80's. It depends on the person and style really, getting the can control is not too difficult but having the creativity and willingness is what will make your art look good.

  4. Hmm… Actually, I do think they are a good way of people who do graffiti to express their art without getting in trouble. Nice Pictures!

  5. Very interesting! It's tough to say whether or not they should be legal, but graffti is definitely an outlet for artistic and creative abilities in poorer communities as sports are among middle-class communities. Either way, it'll always be there. Fantastic post and I will be sure to reward you for it 😉

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