Dieci Does.

On March 10th earlier this year i was blessed with a pleasant surprise.  One of my favorite graffiti artists, Does, who i mention in my first post, is having an exhibition at the Lo-fi bar on Oxford st only an hour away from me.  Only trouble was that i was meant to be going to see the Chemical Brothers later that same night (i know, it’s a hard life).  So i rushed over on my longboard to see the exhibition and i have to say it was well worth the epic ride…

What i saw was some of the most amazing graffiti art of all time…

The exhibition was filled with hand painted pieces by Does and a massive mural on the wall (see directly above).  So as if my night couldn’t get any better i met a couple of dudes there that we’re about my age and pretty keen on graff like i was, they told me that Does was in the building.  After hearing this i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet him.

Not only did i get to shake hands with my favorite graffiti artist i also got a limited edition can signed by Does personally!  

So after having a ball over at the Lo-fi bar i then went to see the Chemical Brothers live at the Sydney entertainment center….So yea, pretty good day all round!



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