Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Hey yo
Was walking around Redfern the other day and i saw this…
I am seriously puzzled by this one, i can’t work out whether its street art or just a bit of paint gone astray.  I saw a program on TV recently that talked about human tenancies to find people and faces in things and i wonder if that’s whats happening here.  I’m gonna put my vote on stray paint but on the other hand there’s no other black paint hanging around….

So, is this street art or a careless paint job?


34 thoughts on “Coincidence or Conspiracy?

  1. Wooh, that's definitely freaky. From the long-shot, I'd think it was just a blotch of paint. Taking a closer look, it seems to resemble a woman in a weird pose holding onto a man. Or it could just be a wobbly "H".

  2. Something like that is probably deliberate, but if it's so small, a lot of care must have been taken, making it more likely to be some kind of random formation caused by stray paint.

  3. yeah, i remember when i watched some sort of TV notice about this, human eyes try to recognize faces in thingsit is like when we hear some random beat, our brain try to make them make sense, and so you start to hear words, or things that tries to make sense.

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