More Local work.

These pieces come from an underpass not far from my house.  Once again i really like the work by Tron, the guys a genius!  But the last 3 in the post i feel we’re kinda disrespectful to the previous artists on the wall.  These are all legal paint sites, you can go in broad daylight and take as much time as you want so there’s no reason not to cover the entire wall, leaving half of someones piece underneath is just crass and disrespectful.  This is Canberra Australia, we don’t have a gang culture here so if you’re gonna paint something do it right…

Anyway, that’s my 2cents, everyone has to start somewhere and i think legal walls are a really good place to build skills because honestly there’s nothing i hate more than shit graffiti.
Let me know what you think of the whole idea of disrespect, is painting over someone else’s piece a sign apathy?  

14 thoughts on “More Local work.

  1. Looks pretty awesome but I've never been able to figure out what they're ACTUALLY WRITING LOL. I just see it as a piece of art instead of letters.

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