For the ones i love.

I love graffiti.
Not tags, not gang signs, real well thought out artistic graffiti.

I love walking down a street and seeing something that does not belong, something that somebody painted or stuck on a wall for the public to see, and as a member of the public i would like to say thank you to these anonymous street artists who defy the law to decorate and inspire the sterile streets in which i roam.
First and foremost the man i have to thank for my passion is Banksy,  a stencil artist from England who is renown for his politically motivated stencils and his anonymous persona.   I feel like i’m on the ever-growing Banksy bandwagon at the moment with all the other lost teenagers around the world but i really don’t care, i have never been so motivated by one piece of art as the one featured below.
I can’t pinpoint what i love so much about this stencil but to put it simply, without this image, i would not be writing this blog.
The next artist i would like to mention is a classic graffiti writer from the Netherlands who goes by the name of Does.  His style embraces more of the classic graffiti culture, letters, tags and freehand pieces, what makes his work so remarkable is it’s flow, the aesthetic choice of colours with a distinct style that i can’t get enough of.


The final artist i would like to thank goes by the name of Nice, a Canberra artist who showed me first hand the world of street art.  Nice has a unique painting style often painting full scale walls of Animals using a flowing freehand style to give texture to the piece.  The sketching effect in both these pieces is achieved through the rapid movement of the spray can and gives a particular type of shading which is not only pleasing to the eye but means that the entire wall can be painted fast and with minimal precision. 
Thanks for reading the introduction to my blog, if all goes to plan it will keep evolving with the streets.  I think the street art movement is a fantastic form of rebellion; a cross between vandalism and expression that is fast becoming my life 🙂

Peace and love
Keep the streets colourful. 


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